Why Choose Human-Powered Translation?

Why Choose Human-Powered Translation?

Today more and more services are being automated and outsourced. In an effort to be the fastest, language service companies are using “translators” with no qualifications who accept pennies to work, or they’re forgoing translators altogether and using machines to translate.

Neither of these approaches really work for high-quality translations. This is mostly because translation is not a solid structure – it’s vast, it’s an art, it has endless approaches to single words and phrases. To say that a language can be treated as a math equation is just not accurate. Just look at how complicated English is and how it can be interpreted in so many different ways.

Here’s the thing: you only need to pay for a translation once, and then it’s yours forever to do with as you please. So what’s the point of paying for a bad translation that you’ll be stuck with? Or worse, that could make you a laughingstock around the world?

How We Can Help

Atomic Scribe believes in a human-powered, personal approach to translation. We dedicate a project manager to figure out what you need, because that is different for everyone. A single sentence can be translated in countless ways depending on your industry, tone, humor, or other factors. A technical manual should not be translated the same way as a blog post, but it oftentimes is by machine or poor human translation. We want to make sure everything is tailored to you so that the translation is useful.

We promise that our translators are the best in the business. They’re qualified, have over 5 years of experience at the minimum in their language pairs, and they can translate your work in any way you choose. Let us show you why human-powered, personal translations are the best and only route to go to save you money in the long run.

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