Translation services

We use native Spanish speakers with years of experience and training for Spanish to English and English to Spanish translations.

Document Translation

At Atomic Scribe we can translate any document you have, including legal contracts, birth certificates, books, interviews, sermons, and more!

Audio Translation

We offer two kinds of audio translation: just a translation into the target language, or a transcription of both the original language along with the translation.

Web Translation

We live in a global world, and your site should reflect that. We can translate and localize any web content, include Tweets, Facebook posts, and more.


We love to work with clients from all different sectors and industries. Here's our top industries, among many:


Market Research






Private Investigation

Client Retention90%
Yearly Growth50%

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With the technology available today, machine translation is no match for the quality of translations done by capable professionals. Take a moment to try a simple phrase in Google Translate in a language close to English and you’ll see for yourself that mistakes are aplenty.

We know that your translations are of little use to you if done incorrectly. That’s why we use a three-tier process along with a dedicated project manager to make your project perfect.

Most importantly, you need to trust your translators. We know all of our translators personally, have vetted their skills and credentials, and we check their work on every project to ensure maximum quality. We know translation is only worth the cost if done correctly.

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Translation FAQs

Spanish Translation is translated Spanish-language text into English-language text, or English to Spanish. Spanish Transcription is turning Spanish-language audio or video into either Spanish-language text or translated English-language text.

Of course! Just provide a template with your order. If one is not provided, then we use our standard template.

For translation, turnaround time is dependent on the project. Please contact us for an estimate.

For Spanish transcription, 1 week is our standard turnaround time, though this may be extended depending on number of files and audio length.

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