Transcription services

High-quality transcripts using U.S.-based transcriptionists. We guarantee accuracy and quality.

Automated Transcripts

AI-generated transcripts, then edited by a human transcriptionist. $1 per audio minute.

English Transcription

Turn your audio and video into text. Pricing begins at $1.25/audio minute.

Spanish Transcription

Spanish audio and video into either Spanish or English transcripts. Pricing begins at $3.50/audio minute.


We love to work with clients from all different sectors and industries. Here's our top industries, among many:


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We are people, not robots. Our vetted U.S.-based transcriptionists offer the best service and highest quality in the industry.

We know that your transcripts are of little use to you if done incorrectly. That’s why we use a three-tier process along with a dedicated project manager to make your project perfect. Our devotion to quality is our highest priority, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Quality Guaranteed.

Atomic Scribe tailors our services towards your needs. Though we have no set delivery deadline, let us know if you have a deadline in mind and we will try to meet your request.

Please contact us for a quote or with any questions.

Personalized Service.

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Transcription FAQs

Automated Transcription is the cheapest option, and it involves a third-party AI platform converting audio or video into a transcript. After that, our editors go through the transcript and fix any errors. This service is recommended only for files that are clear, with no background noise or heavy accents, and one or two speakers. It is not recommended for files that require strict confidentiality.

For more complex files, there is our English Transcription service. For this, you upload your content, and then one of our high-quality transcriptionists transcribes your audio or video. We guarantee confidentiality for these files, and we are able to handle difficult audio and multiple speakers.

If you have Spanish-language content, you can choose our Spanish Transcription option. Here there are multiple options: choose to receive a Spanish transcript, a translated English transcript, or both Spanish and English transcripts.

For automatic transcription, prices are always $1/audio minute.

For human-powered transcription, prices are $1.50/audio minute for 1-3 speakers and $2.25/audio minute for 4+ speakers. These prices include speaker ID.

For Spanish transcription transcribed into Spanish text, pricing begins at $3.50/audio minute. For Spanish-language content transcribed into English, pricing begins at $9.00/audio minute. Please contact us for an exact quote.

Of course! Just provide a template with your order. If one is not provided, then we use our standard template.

Edited verbatim transcription is our default. We transcribe all spoken words, except for filled words (like “you know”, “like”) and utterances (“um”, “uh”, etc.).

We do also provide verbatim transcription for an added fee. This captures all spoken words and utterances, with no clean up for readability.

We no longer offer specific turnaround times. Instead, we offer a flat rate for files and then will provide a delivery deadline based on audio length and difficulty of files.

For clear, small files, we usually return these in 48 hours or less.

Difficult audio includes:

  • Excessive background noise
  • Speakers with thick accents
  • Hard-to-heard speakers due either to volume levels or poorly recorded audio
  • Lots of crosstalk/people speaking over one another

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