Pricing & Services

From here you can find an explanation of our services and pricing (when available). If you have any questions, please contact us.

Pricing for Transcription Services

We offer several tiers of pricing not to confuse you, but to offer you the best service available for each tier. If you ever have a question about pricing, please reach out to us and we can give you a more specific quote. We promise our main concern is to offer you the highest value possible for your money. An explanation of the different turnaround times (standard, discounted, and rush) is below.

Automatic Transcription

$1.00/audio min for all files

Human-Powered Transcription

1-3 Speakers: IDIs, Lectures, Etc.

Standard:    $1.50/audio min
Discount:    $1.25/audio min
Rush:         $2.25/audio min

4+ Speakers: Focus Groups, Conferences, Etc.

Standard:    $1.75/audio min
Discount:    $1.50/audio min
Rush:         $2.50/audio min

Spanish Transcription

Spanish transcription (no English): Starting at $3.50/audio min

Spanish to English:  Starting at $9.00/audio min
English to Spanish:  Starting at $9.00/audio min

Available Add-ons

These are all optional add-ons to your order. No add-ons will be applied unless discussed with you before work on your project has begun.

Difficult Audio:     + $0.35/audio min
Strict Verbatim:    + $0.25/audio min
Speaker ID (4+):    + $0.50/audio min
Timestamping:      + $0.25/audio min

Human-Powered vs. Automatic

We offer two kinds of transcription: human-powered and automatic. Automatic transcription is $1 per audio minute. In this process, AI software generates a transcript that is roughly around 60% accurate. We then have a human transcriptionist listen to the file to fill in the blanks and fix errors. NOTE: This service uses a third-party company, so we suggest not using for sensitive or confidential files.

Currently this service is only available for files that meet these requirements:

  1. Two different speakers maximum per file.
  2. Clear audio with no background noise.
  3. No heavy accents.

Human-powered transcription is used on other files that do not meet the criteria for automatic transcription. If you are unsure what service your files are best for, please feel free to send them to us to preview. We will get back to you quickly with an estimate for your project.

Edited vs. Strict Verbatim

Unless given specific instructions, our default format for all files is edited verbatim. This means that all words are captured except for nonverbal utterances (example: “um”, “uh”), stutters, and unnecessary words like “you know” and “like”. The reason we exclude these is to make the transcript easier to read without altering the meaning. Strict verbatim instead captures every word and sound.

Here’s an example:

Strict verbatim transcription: “Um, I don’t think so. I mean, like okay she said okay, but I don’t think she wants to go, you know?”

Edited verbatim transcription: “I don’t think so. I mean, she said okay, but I don’t think she wants to go.”

We do provide strict verbatim services at an added fee of 25 cents per audio minute.

Format Examples

We can transcribe in any requested format, but we do offer a standard format for all clients. For an example, please click here.

Speaker ID

Speaker ID is accurately identifying who is speaking in a transcript. For files with 1-3 speakers, we offer free speaker ID services. For files with 4 speakers or more, the additional fee is 50 cents per audio minute.

If you have video that shows who is speaking, we are likely to discount this fee somewhat. This is on a case-by-case basis, so please contact us for more specific help.

Turnaround Time

We offer 3 turnaround times:

  • Standard: 3-5 business days
  • Discounted: 1-2 weeks
  • Rush: 1-2 business days

Please see the pricing table above for how turnaround time affects rates. We are committed to meeting all deadlines. If we believe a deadline cannot be met, this will be communicated to you within 12 hours of an order being submitted.

Pricing Rounded Up Per Minute

As we charge per audio minute, we round up to the nearest audio minute for pricing. For example, an audio file that is 42 seconds long but would be charged as being one minute of audio.

Languages Offered

We offer translation services for:

English to Spanish
Spanish to English


We will provide you an estimate for your project once we receive your files. However, our pricing begins at 15¢ per word.

If you need Spanish transcription, please visit our transcription FAQ.


Our business is based in the United States, but we do work with clients from other countries. As such, if you want your files to be in British English instead of American English, let us know and we can certainly do that.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards, checks and PayPal for most of our transactions. If you’re a returning customer, we can also allow up to 45 days for payment and do accept payment in installments. If you’re a new customer, partial or full payment will be due upfront.


We strive to make sure everything is completely secure. All transcription and translation files and transcripts are erased from our servers after 90 days to protect your security. We also do not store any payment information.

In this case of automatic transcription, we do work with an outside company (Temi) to generate the automatic transcript. However, Temi also ensures confidentiality of all files.

01. Where do I start?

If you’re just beginning an order, start by filling out the order form here. Once you submit it, we’ll take a look at your needs, assign you a project manager, and then they will contact you either to ask for more details or to give you a price quote. After that you can submit your file(s), either using the file upload, through e-mail, or using sites such as Dropbox or your FTP site. Whatever works best for you works for us.

Also, if you’ve already spoken to a project manager about an order, you can skip the order form and upload your files first instead.

02. I prefer to just talk through e-mail or on the phone.

That’s fine! The portal page is just a one-stop shop to keep your files, invoices, etc. organized, but it’s up to you if you want a more personal experience.

03. There’s a problem with uploading my files.

You should see a message once you’ve submitted your files that says they have been sent. If you don’t, there might be a few reasons why your files weren’t accepted. One reason could be the file is too big to be uploaded using our site. If this is the case, let us know and we can work out another method to receive your file.

If you’re not sure if your file went through, look under “Previously Uploaded Files” on the order page (not available on mobile). All files you’ve uploaded will remain on our server until the project is completed. If you don’t see your file there, submit it again or contact us for help.

04. How can I pay?

First time clients must pay the invoice total before the finished work is handed over. You can pay either through our site with a credit or debit card. If you’re a frequent customer, we offer a lot more freedom of choice. You can pay with a check, PayPal or credit card, and in most cases you’ll have 45 days from the invoice date to pay.

05. Where do I send checks to?

You can send them to:

Atomic Scribe
2450 Stedman Ln.
Conyers, GA 30094