Introducing Automatic Transcription from Atomic Scribe

Introducing Automatic Transcription from Atomic Scribe

Atomic Scribe is beyond excited to announce that we are introducing a new business service: automatic transcription!

This service will help with efficiency, lower costs for clients, and faster turnaround times.

How Does It Work?

For this service, we use an outside machine transcription platform to do an initial transcript of the audio or video. We then have a human Atomic Scribe transcriptionist go over the entire transcript to fix any errors and fill in inaudible words. Together with human and machine power, our transcripts average 99% accuracy.

Best of all, our automatic transcription service is only $1 per audio minute!

Since this program is in its infancy, we currently only offer automatic transcription for files that are:

  • One or two speakers maximum
  • Clear audio with no background noise
  • No heavy accents

If you are unsure if your files meet these qualifications, we would be happy to listen to them and let you know before any project has started. Just email us today, or you can register for our free client portal. Alternatively, if you already have an account with us, log in to your account and use the order form.

Your Free Client Portal

Register now for our obligation-free client portal! From here you can access price lists, upload and download files, pay invoices, message a project manager, and more.

We are growing as a result of improved technology, and we hope you continue to grow with us. We promise our devotion to high-quality services will only be enhanced by this new offering.

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