How Transcripts Help Market Research Companies Attract More Clients

How Transcripts Help Market Research Companies Attract More Clients

We know, we know: as a market research company, you don’t want to add to your costs. You already have so much on your plate with managing projects, finding research participants, analyzing data, and more.

But before you click away, let us tell you how transcripts can actually save you time and bring you more clients (and money) in the long run.

1. Save time by working with a high-quality transcription company

Did you know that it takes (on average) an hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clear audio or video?

So, if you have a two hour-long focus group, that will likely take you a whole workday to transcribe and proofread. And transcription is really, really hard, so it’s unlikely a non-professional will get close to full accuracy. What a waste of your time.

That’s why we recommend using a high-quality transcription service, like Atomic Scribe. Even though this is an extra cost, it will actually save you time and money in the end because instead of your team focusing on tedious transcriptions, you can spend that time and energy on important market research tasks.

What Should Be Transcribed?
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Virtual Interviews through Zoom, etc.
  • Ethnographic studies
  • Shop-alongs
  • And more!

2. Find patterns and themes in your research

While working on a project, you likely have multiple interviews, spread out over a long timeframe. And then add in all of the varied responses you’re likely to get from the same set of questions posed to each interviewee.

Keeping track of all those insights can seem like an impossible task… unless you transcribe your research.

Transcripts allow a more productive and efficient way to go through your research. With transcription, you now have written records of every single thing said in your research interviews, and you can easily examine the transcripts for patterns and themes throughout the interview process.

“Transcription may sound easy initially, but anyone who has sat down to do a transcript realizes quickly that transcription takes a lot of time, energy and skill.”

“Transcription may sound easy initially, but anyone who has sat down to do a transcript realizes quickly that transcription takes a lot of time, energy and skill.”

3. Be more present in the interview process

Interviews and focus groups are not easy, as it can be a huge task to be completely focused during a discussion and to write down all relevant information while trying to moderate.

Transcripts take away the burden of having to take meticulous notes and help researchers to be fully present while interviewing. Without having to stop to take notes, you can keep up the flow of the discussion. The person you’re talking to will also appreciate having your full attention and may open up more.

So transcripts don’t just help you after the interview when you are analyzing findings, but it helps you while performing the research interviews as well. We guarantee you’ll see an added benefit to being able to focus solely on the interview and not on keeping track of everything said.

4. Quotable for your reports

If you’ve ever conducted an interview (or even just listened to one), you know how difficult it is to remember everything that’s said, or even the main gist of an interview. And regardless if you have everything recorded, that’s still a huge amount of time having to go back and re-listen to everything to make notes.

But with transcripts, you can easily search for keywords, phrases and direct quotes that can be useful for your research. From the verbatim transcripts, you can pick out quotes for the client, and you’ll be confident that those quotes are accurate because they’ve been transcribed by a professional.


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5. An extra deliverable for your clients

Transcripts are not just a deliverable for market research companies, but for your clients as well.

Along with generalized themes and patterns for the client, we find that clients really enjoy having transcripts of the research that they can keep forever and do with what they will. Seeing what has been said verbatim gives them a complete perspective of the research, and it’s just nice to have.

Essentially, you pay for a transcript once. But the benefits of that transcript are long-lasting, and it will positively impact your research and impress your clients. Transcripts are also likely not as expensive as you think, as we now have a $1/audio minute service. So give it a try today… you won’t be disappointed!

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