Not sure where to start? We have some answers to questions about who we are and what we do.


  • Creating an account on our site to access a dedicated client portal is not a requirement. We also take orders through e-mail. However, we do suggest creating an account to have one place to store your orders, files, messages, and invoices.

  • We accept all major credit cards, checks and PayPal for most of our transactions. If you’re a returning customer, we can also allow up to 60 days for payment and do accept payment in installments. If you’re a new customer, partial or full payment will be due upfront.

  • Our business is based in the United States, but we do work with clients from other countries. As such, if you want your files to be in British English instead of American English, let us know and we can certainly do that.

  • Yes, 100%! We strive to make sure everything is completely secure.

  • Please check our careers page for open positions.

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T 706 363 0270
E info@atomicscribe.com

At Atomic Scribe, our number one priority is client satisfaction. Please contact us if you have other questions that are not found on this page.


Information about our high-quality transcription services.


  • We provide general transcription services. That includes focus groups, videos, one-on-one interviews, academic files, business meetings, church sermons, and generally most things except medical transcription.

    We can work on files involving medical terminology and do have HIPAA-certified transcribers available, but we do not do files dictated by physicians or other medical professionals as we are currently ill-equipped to do so. If you’re not sure whether your file falls under medical transcription or not, just e-mail us and let us figure it out.

  • In most cases we do edited verbatim, which means we leave out “ah”s, “um”s, and “uh”s, “you know”s, “like”s, and other such filler words. If you want these included and for the transcript to be strict verbatim, let us know when you send your file in and we can certainly oblige.

  • Send it in anyway! We can’t promise 100% accuracy on poor audio files, but we do have experienced transcribers who can get as close to 100% as they possibly can. For difficult audio we do include an added charge of $0.35 per audio minute, and we’ll discuss this with you before work on the project is started.

  • For general transcription, transcripts come in a Word file (or a PDF, if requested). If you have a header or footer you want included, let us know, and we can also accommodate any specific style you need. A transcript example is available upon request.

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