3 Big Ways Transcripts Can Boost Your Private Investigation Business

3 Big Ways Transcripts Can Boost Your Private Investigation Business

Audio and video recordings are important tools for law enforcement, private detectives, and investigators. But recordings are only half the battle – those recordings need to be transcribed as well to get the maximum benefit out of recorded content.

1. Save time by working with a transcription company

Did you know it takes (on average) one hour to transcribe 15 minute of clear audio? That is too much time for an investigator to spend on transcribing, without even including the added time of audio with background noise, accented speakers, mumbling, and overlapping conversations.

That’s valuable time to take away from investigating, and especially on such a frustrating, boring task like transcription.

So, to get the most out of your transcripts, consider hiring a professional transcription agency. Yes, it is an added cost, but it’s a one-time cost that saves you time and energy… and both the cost and transcript can be passed on to your clients.

But the key word is professional. Remember, transcripts are useless if they’re not secure and not accurate. So pick a transcription partner that is just that – a partner you can trust.

What Should Be Transcribed?
  • Interviews
  • Surveillance Footage
  • Audio Notes
  • Depositions
  • Police Interrogations
  • And more!

2. Easy to search transcripts for keywords

With transcripts, you now have a copy of everything said during a recording. The transcripts are usually available in Word and PDF formats. As such, it’s simple to search for keywords, dates, names, and more instead of having to listen or watch recordings yourself. That takes time and energy, and it’s better spent elsewhere in investigations.

There are usually two types of transcripts: verbatim and edited verbatim. Verbatim captures every word and utterance spoken, while edited verbatim is a bit more clean. This version would cut out stutters, filler words (like “um”), and other unnecessary additions to the transcript. The transcription company you work with will help you figure out which version is better for you.

Tip: You can ask your transcription company to include timestamps (which is usually a small added charge) and line numbers to help you search through a transcript more easily. Professional transcriptionists will also be able to correctly identify who is speaking in recordings with multiple speakers.

“Transcription may sound easy initially, but anyone who has sat down to do a transcript realizes quickly that transcription takes a lot of time, energy and skill.”

“Transcription may sound easy initially, but anyone who has sat down to do a transcript realizes quickly that transcription takes a lot of time, energy and skill.”

3. Transcripts are a great deliverable for clients

Transcripts can be a big bonus not just for investigators, but for clients as well. A lot of investigations have to be kept private, but this is an area where clients can actually see the fruits of an investigation’s labor and keep copies of transcripts for themselves (if appropriate).

Additionally, if you have Spanish-language content, Spanish transcription can be provided. These transcripts can be delivered in Spanish, English, or both. It’s a great added value to recordings.

Compared to recordings, transcripts are easier to digest and faster to parse through. They’re also a deliverable that can be kept forever. It’s really a win-win for both the investigators and clients to have them.

As noted, our biggest piece of advice is to work with a transcription company that you trust. Transcripts should be accurate, formatted correctly, and safe and secure.

Let Atomic Scribe be that trusted partner for you. We guarantee you will see all of these benefits for yourself.


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