High-quality language services.
Atomic Scribe can take care of all of your transcription and Spanish translation needs. We offer some of the highest quality in the industry and promise personalized service.
U.S.-based workers.
We guarantee 99% accuracy or better on clear files, all thanks to our handpicked and vetted workers.
A hybrid approach.
We offer both human-powered and edited automated transcription services.


Our U.S.-based transcriptionists are some of the best in the business, and our personalized service and quality is unmatched.


Here's what makes us stand out from the rest.

Client Portal

Uploading and downloading your files is a simple process available on all devices through your personal client portal page

Pain-Free Invoices

Instant access to current and paid invoices, with the ability to pay directly from the invoice in multiple ways


SSL encryption ensures your files and payments are secure, and we promise complete confidentiality

High-Quality Services

All of our workers have been tested and vetted by our staff. We guarantee high quality on every project

24/7 Access

Access your account from anywhere, at any time

Personal Touch

We are people, not robots. A project manager will work with you directly and help with anything you need


Get connected with a project manager today.


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